What does Luck do in God of War?

God of War is an action role-playing game that features many staples of the genre. One such example is the use of different armor and equipment to increase certain stats for your character. God of war has many different Armor sets and weapon modifications, all of which give their own stat boosts. However, one stat the game throws around is known as Luck. What exactly does Luck do in God of War?

The Luck stat is one of the rarest in the entire game and for good reason. The Luck stat increases the activation chance on perks from Enchantments and Axe pommels, as well as increases XP and Hacksilver gains. Players will want as much XP and Hacksilver as possible in order to level up skill trees and purchase items such as Resurrection Stones. Hacksilver is particularly useful for purchasing better armor for Kratos and Atreus.

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There are only a few ways to increase your Luck stat, which is why it is one of the rarest stats in the game. We recommend being on the lookout for anything that could increase the Luck stat. This includes armor sets, resources, and talismans are great sources, as well as weapon mods, upgrades, and enchantments. There are a few Armor sets obtained from favor that give you more Luck for example Tyr’s Lost Unity Armor Set will increase your Luck stat by a good amount.

So there you have it, that is what the Luck stat does in God of War. Lastly, just make sure to complete Favors as that is where you will find most of the Luck increasing gear. Favors such as Hammer Fall, Anatomy of Hope, and Hail to the King all come to mind.

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