The King of Fighters: All Star – Defeat Pumpkin Head and get rewarded!

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Here’s another False Halloween event. We’ve prepared this event to help you grow your fighters and enjoy the newly added summons!

When you participate in this event, there are Affinity items that are effective for all fighters, and ruby that you can receive by participating in missions!

in: Games, Mobile The EDIT SHARE The King of Fighters: All Star Main cover Developer(s) Netmarble Publisher(s) SNK, Netmarble Release date Android & iOS JP July 26, 2018 KO May 9, 2019 INT October 22, 2019 Genre Action RPG Game modes Battle Mode The King of Fighters: All Star is a free to play, mobile RPG game released for iOS and Android, developed by a South Korean gaming company Netmarble authorized by SNK. The game brings together all the characters of the KOF series up to The King of Fighters XIV. While including KOF series fighters, the game also includes limited crossover events with other franchises and companies. Most notable crossovers have been Gin Tama, Samurai Shodown and upcoming Tekken. In addition to crossovers, the game also holds special events that introduces fighters with holiday themes and genderbent characters.