Tactics Ogre: Reborn: Best Builds For Vyce

Image by way of Square Enix

Vyce is a ranger that may be recruited on Chapter III of the Lawful route, alongside Arycelle, Mirdyn, and Gildas, after you return to Almorica Castle. In his personal phrases, he’s a personality that will fairly die on his toes than kneel earlier than anybody.

Vyce’s tough childhood made him an conceited man who hates Roslolian order. However, he can both go to searching for the reality or revenge in the course of the sport, relying on the selections your fundamental protagonist, Denam, makes.

Vyce is a flexible character that may play both assist or offensive function to your occasion. He can develop into Frontline Buccaneer, Support Ranger, or Ranged Ranger.

Frontline Buccaneer

The Frontline Buccaneer will be unlocked once you recruit one other pirate character – Azelstan.

As a fairly sturdy melee class with few of the ranged aces up its sleeve, Buccaneer can transfer across the battlefield with ease with Swiftfoot II and swimming abilities.

What makes him a so nice frontline warrior is that he has Evade and Apostate abilities. The first one permits him to evade a bodily assault whereas the latter provides him the power to dam magical assaults. Having such skills offer you much less want to fret about him as he can’t get nuked simply.

If you would like your Vyce is a little more offensive with greater harm output, swap Evade or Apostate (in response to the enemies you’re going through) with Speedstar ability. Speedstar provides him a superb harm buff

Getting a dagger in every of his fingers as an alternative of a sword is a superb option to make since it can decrease the restoration time (RT) and permit Vyce to get extra turns in battle.

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Ranged Ranger

The Ranged Ranger construct is nice if you end up preventing enemies which might be on excessive floor or distant from you. Equip Vyce with Tempest Bow (discovered at Palace of the Dead) to deal loads of harm however take into consideration taking the Ring of Clouds or Sidhe Ring as nicely that can permit Vyce to maneuver across the map higher than most characters.

Another nice alternative on this construct is the Lobber – an merchandise enabling Vyce to launch objects throughout the map and assist out his teammates who’re in hassle.

We can name Ranged Ranger a construct that may be a nice middle-ground resolution if you’re in search of somebody who can select some foes whereas nonetheless with the ability to assist out teammates.

Vyce is among the biggest ranged characters within the sport. Here’s easy methods to use his potential greatest to your marketing campaign.

Support Ranger

Let’s name this construct instantly what it’s and what it’s greatest for – saving items and particularly visitor allies which you can’t management and sometimes must hold alive.

Vyce achieves this saving function largely by using Lobber with which he can catapult away objects at many allies throughout the battlefield. In a bizarre method, it may make him in some conditions much more helpful healer than Cleric and a greater debuffer than a Wizard. Nevertheless, don’t attempt to use him as an alternative of those guys since there are solely so many objects he can carry and launch at allies, whereas Cleric and Wizard have their spells to assist out the workforce which is a way more dependable resolution.

With Support Ranger construct Vyce will nonetheless have the ability to do some severe harm. With the Double Attack means, get him dual-wielding daggers and use the Heart Crusher Finishing Move for the most effective harm output.

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