Tactics Ogre: Reborn: Best Builds For Catiua

Image by way of Square Enix

Catiua could be one of many stronger characters in Tactics Ogre: Reborn should you play her proper. Even although you possibly can’t recruit her till Chapter 4, she is a good asset as soon as added to your social gathering.

There are three primary builds you possibly can go for with Catiua: Princess, Priest, and Dark Priest. Each of the three lessons provides its personal ups and downs, however to govern their power to your benefit, you might want to know the proper manner to make use of them.

We’ve provide you with a concise information that may carry you up to the mark and make it easier to determine on the very best construct on your wants.


A Cleric on steroids that comes actual useful when you find yourself in dire want of a healer. Moreover, as a Priest Catiua can use Divine assault spells, Holy Water talent to stop these undead from coming again, and a strong debuff for Condemn – Absolution.

The Priest is mainly a hybrid of attacker and healer so it may possibly match most events properly. Make certain to seize Boon of Swiftness to hasten your teammates and Major Heal to maintain extra individuals alive throughout the battle.

In the top, take into account that the extra spells you employ the extra Magic Points (MP) she is going to want. So, equip her with some gadgets that may restore MP or maintain a celebration member in battle who can restore MP for her.

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Dark Priest

The murkier model of a Priest capabilities considerably as a glass canon, which you might want to maintain within the again strains and ensure it’s out of any instant hazard. It’s a bit peculiar, however it may possibly work if you recognize what you’re doing.

The Dark Priest class has good stats for magic however it is extremely restricted on the subject of what sort of spells it may possibly forged. Spells similar to Iron Maiden, which poisons enemies, and Bloody Gag, which sleeps and silences them, provide an important benefit in fight however they should be forged from shut vary. This shouldn’t be so optimum since you’ll spend lots of Tactical factors (TP) and get into your enemies’ faces risking demise.

Some gadgets you possibly can seize for her are Robes of Gloom and Wiseman’s Staff that provide Augment Darkness bonus, and Wizard’s Hat to maintain her proof against silence.

Skills needs to be targeted on rising harm so we advise taking Augment Darkness, Spellcraft, and Expand Mind.


Princess is a mage-knight that stands on the entrance strains of the combat and brings survivability and caster harm to everybody who wants it. You ought to decide tools that may enhance her Intelligence, thus serving to her take advantage of out of her Divine magic and Light harm spells.

Lipul’s Rod / Brynhildr as a weapon, Baldur’s Shield, Alluring Dress, and a Wizard’s Hat will maintain you lined. Spellwise Augment Light and Divine Magic are a must have, whereas different spells could be chosen in keeping with your wants. Also, make the most of Meditate to realize MP sooner and forged extra spells.

Last however not least, if it can save you up some MP, Heavenly Judge is an superior spell to make use of because it offers Light harm to a number of targets and exorcised Undead if killed by this spell. A really highly effective, Gandalf-like, magic that obliterates the enemy.

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