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On the 14nd of February 2019, V-Day, is destined to be a day

worthy of being included in historical past.

On today, a disruptive blockchain epic which can play an enormous

function in identification safety, web freedom, non-public social-

networking in addition to decentralized finance and commerce— V-

Dimension, will likely be absolutely launched!

The ICEX foreign money high-multiplier conversion and Genesis Game

formally start. The client-end PC pockets and the sunshine pockets

each get posted for obtain. On the event of the tenth

anniversary of Bitcoin, we have to pay our excessive respects to

Nakamoto and all earlier blockchain software dev. groups and


It is due to everybody’s tireless analysis on blockchain that

we will stand on the shoulders of the giants and announce the

arrival of V-Dimension to the world.

This time, we are going to fully disrupt the long run!
This time, we are going to redefine freedom!

Let us stay up for an attractive world of privateness and wealth


The Official VDS Deep Web Site

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✪✪ VDS Introduction Video ✪✪

❶Looking Into The Future Where is the Limit of Science and


❷Looking into the Future Insight into the True Mysteries of


❸Looking into the Future What is the Ultimate Power of Mankind

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✪✪ V-Dimension Project Release and Startup ✪✪

❶V-Dimension Project Release

❷Don’t miss out on ICEX,the foreign money conversion excessive


❸The VDS Chain Full Scale Launch

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✪✪✪✪ The VDS Genesis Game Is On! ✪✪✪✪

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✪✪ What is VDS ✪✪
VDS-Embrace Decentralized Business and a Life of Freedom

❶Unlock Currency Freedom,Defend Wealth Privacy

❷We Are Born Great, We Are Born Free VDS

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❶Navigating _the Official_VDS Deep_Web Site









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