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Our “network freedom” is just not as free as we imagined. In the web, that huge sea of knowledge, there are nonetheless many depths that the overwhelming majority of individuals haven’t but ventured into. It is there, that the untouched treasures of V-Dimension lay hidden. This treasure will shield our privateness and security, convey infinite wealth, and at last lead us to a totally new age. With the Deep Web, we will straight go to the official V-Dimension web site. On this official Deep Web website, you will get a full grasp on V-Dimension: What is it? What does it do? What are you able to get from it? And what sort of adjustments it would convey to the world? Welcome to the official V-Dimension web site. Perhaps, you’ll find the important thing to open up your way forward for freedom.
I have to additionally notice that Since V-Dimension is decentralized, it belongs to every of us. As builders, we pay excessive consideration to the privateness and security for the event group. It is our hope that V-Dimension will change into as extraordinarily decentralized as Bitcoin. This can also be our tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, we’ve put the official V-Dimension web site on the deep internet to make sure privateness and security. When the VDS Explorer is absolutely developed, this web site will likely be transferred into the nameless community constructed by VDS’s distributed servers. At that point, you should use the VDS explorer to extra safely and straight go to VDS’s official web site.
On the 14th February 2019, V-Dimension absolutely goes on-line. ICEX forex high-multiplier conversions and the Genesis Game formally start. The client-end PC and App wallets will likely be accessible for obtain. Let’s all get excited for this good world of privacy-safety and wealth-freedom.
If you wish to higher perceive VDS’s features and makes use of, please click on the video hyperlink on the backside to observe a sequence of movies that can information you thru the system.

The Official VDS Deep Web Site

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V-Dimension Project Release and Startup
V-Dimension Project Release

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