HTML Below Mobile v1.0

Below Mobile v1.0
Below Mobile v1.0
A simple item to those who don’t see fanc and complicated designs made to run and load as fast as possible to give your users access to content in an instant. Powered by a simple and scrollable navigation that pop sup on the screen to give your content all the room on the screen without confusing your users. Below is a Mobile Template and a Tablet Template offering all mobile compatibility.


  1. Optimized for Touch Devices
  2. CSS3 Based Design
  3. Simple, beautiful, elegant Design
  4. 8 Color Schemes for different elements
  5. iOS / Android Home Icon & Splash Screen
  6. High Definition / Retina Graphics
  7. Ergonomic Navigation
  8. Designed for a intuitive User Experience
  9. Responsive for Tablets, for a better experience
  10. Fully scalable icons, pixel perfect