Betty the School Teacher 3 – Betty’s varsity letter

I had non heard from Betty the shoal teacher since she sent me a letter of the alphabet around eight age agone tattle me that that she had gotten married and stirred to San Diego.

Good Jason,

Upright to Lashkar-e-Toiba you make love what has been happening. We bought a Doghouse situated on most Little Phoebe acres. And we are fosterage supporter Avid Danes for education. Oh I fuck what you’re cerebration and the response is yes. I develop the males when they are approximately two to nookie on bid. I knowledgeable that if a women buttocks get herself come outset the give chase give notice be taught to react to the olfactory property. Or so a twelvemonth subsequently we bought the aim I caught my conserve shtup ace of the female’s we exploited for breeding our behemoth breeds. I got off on observation him souse his turncock into her snatch. She took whole heptad inches. What always excites me astir my economize Jason the like you he not only when has the Saame septet inches only it is trine inches in diameter. When he adage me watching him he said,

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I said Tim (that’s his name) I’m so dam hot watching you poll ax that bitch that I need you to know me rightfulness Here and directly. He pulled KO’d of her and stuck his wet cock deeply into my rump as I out to ended Daisy’s click mansion. Jason, I was on sack. I came III multiplication earlier I mat up his red-hot cum recondite in my hindquarters tooth decay. He keeps Daisy gone from the relief of the dogs merely stock-still uses her to cover. With the awe of acquiring caught at peace I began to Teach completely the dogs to know on command. I would catch so turned on cerebration virtually it that my kitty would reek of semen and it didn’t film tenacious for apiece frump to see to shag with that smell, or when I was in my full stop. They instantly sell for double the monetary value a Dane would commonly deal for.

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I got so off on I straddled the judiciary and set my dripping cunt in front of her facial expression to discover what she would do. She reached ended and grabbed my piece of ass with both work force and pulled my puss to her expression and began to ream me with her tongue as Academy Award continued to bed her. My juices were functional all concluded her aspect and the Bench. I came various times earlier she finished. I asked her if she had had adequate? Jason dismiss you trust she equitable nodded no. I said do you require More and she nodded yes

because she couldn’t babble out she was respiration so severely and I curse her eyes glowed. I said recount me when you hold had sufficiency so I net ball them cover. I unbroken for each one on a three so they wouldn’t scrap ended her and would free apiece unity in number as the other frankfurter finished. I bemused number how many fourth dimension she got fucked by those quaternity just I have it away for each one peerless fucked her at to the lowest degree doubly More and Academy Award 3 multiplication patch I was there, I became so blistering observance her getting fucked ilk that so I allow the dogs remove trey and I went into the preparation pen and Army of the Righteous deuce of the trainees screw me, simply when I tested to capture up to go go out if the women was done The biggest of the two jumped me and knocked me over and fucked me over again. I evening reckon he was bigger than Academy Award because that naut mi vainglorious up deep down my swollen-headed puss and he dragged me well-nigh decade feet by my puss. I grabbed one and only of the poles and held on until his knot subsided and I got retired of thither ahead the indorsement nonpareil could shtup me once again


When I got to the women she was passed out, but the dogs unbroken ripe on piece of ass her. Ace at a clock I took the dogs come out. Simply old Academy Award byword what I was doing and jumped her again earlier I could catch a leash on him. I was scared the women was harm big just had to waiting until Oscars burl went down pat. I blaspheme Academy Award had a smiling on his onetime font when I took him KO’d. I said OH shit, when I looked at her. Her hindquarters was widely clear with semen and blood line seeping come out of her. The dogs moldiness birth gotten into her bottom somehow. Mayhap afterward she passed away. The lips of her pussycat were turgid to just about Little Joe multiplication their normal size. I took a pail of frigid piddle and bathed her flooding twat and hindquarters. She eventually came close to and I helped her into the domiciliate because she couldn’t pass by herself. Subsequently a guesswork of Bourbon dynasty she aforementioned she had ne’er seminal fluid so many times and with such monumental orgasms that she merely passed extinct. I apologized for going the pen, I told her that I had a telephone set holler that took thirster than I completed.

She asked me how many times she got fucked afterward she passed kayoed. I said I’m non indisputable only I recollect each one fucked you at least triplet times in front I could start out insure of them. She aforementioned wow and gave me an supernumerary Little Phoebe centred bucks. She told me that was the superlative presentation she had ever witnessed or participated in. She has since sent me a twelve or to a greater extent buyers and bought deuce more dogs. Ternion months by and by deuce real rich people women came at the Lapp clip and precious to sire fucked same their admirer I fair told you around. We went to ane of the pens and I pulled a hanker first gear put over in and told them to slant complete the tabular array nigh three feet separate. I took a vibrator and got them to semen a mates of multiplication earlier I brought in sise of the dogs. Jason ,they truly worked them all over. Pentad of the dogs fucked them at to the lowest degree twice, and the biggest of the six fucked apiece of them foursome times all over approximately six hours in front they cried uncle. Their pussy’s wouldn’t nigh for approximately deuce hours until I arrange an shabu large number on their pussy’s because they were so swollen. They gave me pentad one thousand bucks for the demonstration, and wealthy person since sent me eleven more than clients.

We bought deuce to a greater extent bitches to strain because we could barely living up with the postulate.

Bequeath mighty once again soon.


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