Best Fishing Spots in New World

One thing that most can agree on about New World is that its map is especially large, even for a game in its genre. It can be hard to recollect where all the cities and regions are while playing, much less remember the best places to fish. Whether you have gotten high level enough to see one, two, or three-star spots, there are great locations to find at each tier.

Best One-Star

Image via StudioLoot

To the Northwest of First Light Town, you’ll find a fishing spot on the lake next to the Hatchburg Fishery. This location is easy to access and has close proximity to many other relevant parts of the game. You won’t have to go too far to fish here. There are even two supply crates and two supply stockpiles right beside the spot.

Best Two-Star

Image via StudioLoot

Nestled in an active bay area, this fishing spot is about equidistance between Windsward Town and Reekwater Town. This location is very accessible, no matter which direction you’re coming from. It is also an extremely busy area just downhill from Cascade Cavern. There are many other quests, battles, loot runs, and more to complete while in the area.

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Best Three-Star

Image via StudioLoot

A bit South of Fort Mourningdale, there’s a three-star fishing spot that may not be the closest to a main city or activity hub, but yet is still extremely valuable. Often, when fishing, a player is in a material collecting mood. That’s why this spot is perfect, as it contains a large number of chests, fungus, and ore in its area. Just watch out for the Alligator nearby!

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